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The Vision 700 Campaign

For more than three decades in Greater Houston, Rebuilding Together has repaired the homes of low-income, elderly homeowners -- along with those of veterans and people with recognized disabilities. In so doing, we've restored hope to individuals, rekindled community spirit, and built a better Houston by assisting over 11,000 families. Today we assist about 365 homeowners a year -- one every calendar day! Our critical repairs change lives and lessen burdens. There’s always more work that can be done, but in the years ahead, many will go without our support unless we’re ready to meet the increasing demand.

The lingering effects of an unstable global economy coupled with the aging of the Baby Boom Generation have made for a perfect storm of critical need in maintaining adequate housing for those who desperately wish to age gracefully in the homes that they own, but cannot afford to maintain. Pundits have already given this impending demographic event a name: “The Senior Tsunami.” In 2016, the leading edge of that generation born in the aftermath of World War II will turn 70. Not only are their numbers unprecedented in American history, but Boomers will live longer than any preceding generation, and many will need our help. Thus, both our greatest challenge, and our biggest opportunity loom before us. Rebuilding Together people say "bring it on!"

Watch the Vision 700 Campaign launch

During 2014, a task force comprised of board and staff quantified a long-held dream to help more people. This task force determined to double the annual impact that the organization should have in helping qualified, elderly homeowners face the challenges of maintaining a safe and secure place in which to live. Thus was born “Vision 700,” the vision to help 700 homeowners every year, and build the organization's capacity over the next five years so that by 2020 Rebuilding Together will be assisting 700 families each and every year.

Alone Rebuilding Together won’t solve all the problems facing our aging friends and neighbors, but we can be a major contributor to easing the burdens. So, with gratitude for those who preceded us, and, with help from the private, public, and non-profit sectors of our city, we can make Houston a leader in responsibly caring for its aging population, caring for those who gave so much of themselves to play roles in Houston's ongoing story. This is the moment in Houston's history to lend a helping hand to our senior homeowners.

Be sure and check back here frequently to learn more specifics about how you can be a part of the Vision 700 campaign toward repairing more homes and restoring more hope.

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104 N. Greenwood, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77011 • Tel: 713.659.2511 • Fax: 713.650.0871info@rebuildinghouston.org
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