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For 35 years, Rebuilding Together Houston has provided critical home repairs to homeowners who meet age, income and homeownership qualifications. These repairs enable homeowners to remain in their home--safe and dry. Rebuilding Together does not complete aesthetic or cosmetic exterior or interior repairs.



Home must be owned by the applicant; applicant must be named in the deed to the property.


Home must be located in Harris County, Texas.


Homeowner applicant must be full-time resident of the home.


Homeowner applicant must be current on property taxes or have an official payment agreement with the appropriate government agency.


Homeowner applicant must be:

  1. age 62 or older, or
  2. a U.S. military service veteran or spouse/legal partner of a veteran, or
  3. the recipient of a U.S government recognized disability income.


Applicants must be considered to be at very-low to moderate income levels.  Eligibility varies with differing funding sources.  Consult Rebuilding Together Houston for specific income eligibility requirements at time of application.


Home must normally be one-story and mostly wood-sided for volunteers to be assigned to complete exterior repairs. Other home types (two-story, brick, etc.) can qualify for certain volunteer programs and for contractor programs. Consult Rebuilding Together Houston at time of application.


Home normally includes needs electrical, plumbing, foundation, flooring, bathroom and/or mobility modifications.

Some general qualifications may be altered due to specific grant requirements. For example,

  • In certain cases (e.g., assisting U.S. Military Veterans) the allowable income may be higher than the general requirements.
  • In certain instances, homeowners may be required to stay in their home for a specified time following completion of repairs and agree to a lien being placed on their home, which will be removed in five (5) years.


  1. To learn more about eligibility, homeowners may contact our office at info@rebuildinghouston.org or by phone at 713-659-2511.
  2. During an initial eligibility screening, Rebuilding Together Houston reviews ownership, tax status online, and required exterior building materials.
  3. If it is determined that the home passes the eligibility requirements, homeowners may download an application (Aplicación de Servicios) or request that an application package be mailed to the homeowner at the address of the property.
  4. The homeowner completes and mails the application and include documents showing proof of age, home ownership, and income.
  5. If the home meets requirements, the homeowner is put on a waiting list for up to two years. After that time, if Rebuilding Together Houston has not been granted funding to meet application requirements, homeowner applications will be removed. Homeowners are free to apply again.
  6. If a home needs emergency repairs, the homeowner may receive higher priority.


  1. If funds are available, a Rebuilding Together Houston housing inspector will meet with the homeowner at his/her home to determine what work is planned to be done. During that meeting, the homeowner will acknowledge and sign off on the predetermined scope of work.
  2. For some homes, professional contractors will perform roofing, electrical, plumbing, and technical work called for by the inspector.  Subsequently, volunteers will be used to complete the exterior work.  Contractors may work in any month throughout the year. Work by volunteers is normally concentrated in March and April or October and November each year.
  3. Some homes will be repaired entirely by volunteer teams.
  4. When all specified work is complete, a Rebuilding Together Houston housing inspector will deliver a "completion report” for homeowner review and signature.
  5. In certain cases, the home may be reassigned to an additional crew of volunteers to complete unfinished tasks.
  6. Warranties will be provided by contractors for certain aspects of work (e.g. roofs).

All work performed by Rebuilding Together Houston on behalf of a qualified homeowner is done completely without cost to the homeowner.

Homeowner's Application

Aplicación de Servicios

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